One of the most practical pick-ups, has a large loadbay as well as a strong engine and good ability off-road.

Bed Liner Carpet by Bedrug

Bed Liner By Bedrug

VW Amarok Double Cab Carpet Pickup Truck Bed Liner By Bedrug

The plush finish of the Bed Rug truck liner does not obviously show it to be a rugged hard waring bed protection product.
The Bed Rug liner is both durabe and practical.
The Bed Rug liner is comprised of a very tough stain resilient closed cell foam that is water proof to provide easier pressure washer cleaning.
The cushioned underside can be likened to the foam found in life jackets, its closed cell structure is both water resistant and durable.
Due to easy cleaning capabilities of the Bed Rug it can be used to load all building materials such as bricks, hardcore, and sand etc whilst protecting the load bed from dints and scratches.
It’s fair to say it’s taken a while to educate customers of it’s benefits but once you’ve had one in your pick up you wouldn’t be without one.

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