One of the most practical pick-ups, has a large loadbay as well as a strong engine and good ability off-road.

£100 – £300

Tri-Folding Soft Tonneau Cover for Double Cab

Tri-Folding Soft Tonneau Cover

Covering your load bed has never been easier thanks to the Tri-folding tonneau cover.
Using quick release clamps you can fit or remove the cover in seconds without having to leave any framework in place and giving you full access to your load bed once removed.

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Load Bed Cover for Double Cab

Load Bed Cover

Easy installation and a taught fit, the Hidden Snap tonneau cover allows all-round access to the truck bed.

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Roll-up Soft Tonneau Cover

Roll-up Soft Tonneau cover

The Roll-Up cover is a unique take on the soft tonneau cover making it as simple and quick as possible to gain access to and close off the load bed when required.

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