One of the most practical pick-ups, has a large loadbay as well as a strong engine and good ability off-road.

£100 – £300

Bed Liner Under Rail

Bed Liner Under Rail

Proform pick-up truck bedliners are manufactured from a highly durable, chemical resistant and UV-stable Polyethylene type plastic.
The Bed liners are designed to handle the toughest conditions and protect your pickup truck bed from impacts, scratching & spills in all environments, no matter if it’s the extreme cold of a Scandinavian winter or the heat of the Australian desert.

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Heavyduty Pickup Bed Liner Under Rail

Heavyduty Pickup Bed Tray Liner Under Rail

Specifically designed for a custom fit our Aeroklas bed liners have a flush fitting with the bed of your pickup.
Manufactured using a resilient thick polyethylene the truck bed liner will guard against common spills like battery acid, paint, petrol and oil, and will protect the bed from scratches and dents.
Utilising a slip reduction coating items loaded into the truck bed will not slide about.

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Heavyduty Pickup Bed Liner Over Rail

Heavyduty Pickup Bed Tray Liner Over Rail

Moulded to the contours of your truck bed Aeroklas liners are custom fitting for a much more secure fit and incorporate a skid reduction layer to stop items from sliding about in the bed along with tie hooks so you can tie loads into the bed.

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