One of the most practical pick-ups, has a large loadbay as well as a strong engine and good ability off-road.

Sportslid Load Bed Cover Paintable

Sportslid Load Bed Cover Paintable

Sportlid Tonneau Cover For Volkswagen Amarok.
Paintable, Lockable, Secure Pick up load bed cover.

A very stylish secure alternative to a truck top canopy, made from a heavy weight, durable double layer ABS composite plastic and aerodynamically styled to reduce the fuel consumption of your pick-up truck.

The smooth flat surface eliminates the huge tail gate drag associated with open-bed pick up trucks and therefore improves MPG.

This double skinned ABS cover is a serious quality, heavy weight durable piece of kit. It is NOT to be confused with other cheaper, lightweight covers that can and do crack and have a flimsy feel. Remember when the price is forgotten the quality will remain.

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