One of the most practical pick-ups, has a large loadbay as well as a strong engine and good ability off-road.

Sportlid 3 Piece Load Bed Cover

Sportslid 3 Piece Load Bed Cover

Volkswagen Amarok Painted Lid With Stainless Steel Sports Roll Bar

Sports lid load bed tonneau cover is a popular alternative to a truck top or canopy.

The Hard ABS shell of the Amarok Sport lid offers you increased security without compromise on looks.

The Amarok 3-piece SportLid shown here comes with an integrated stainless steel roll bar and has a huge 45 degree lifting angle and twin supporting gas rams giving you easy access to all areas of the truck bed.

Our New Zealand Sports lid tonneau covers are tough, durable and very slick, they allow easy access to the items in the pick-up truck bed with the dual gas struts for cushioned closing.

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